Coach Boyfriend Strap Watch…yess, my newest obsession.

Coach Boyfriend Strap Watch…yess, my newest obsession.

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Samantha. 20. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe in laughing till it makes you cry. I believe that every person we meet in our life has a purpose--whether its to bring out the best in you, test your limits, teach you the true meanings of love&friendship,or to betray you&make you stronger. I believe in pulling those all nighters with your sisters just because you always seem to lose track of time in the midst of your heart to hearts...I believe that family is everything and that true friends are like four-leaf clovers. I believe that every perfect outfit has that one perfect pair of shoes to go right along with it...I believe in following your heart and your dreams, not someone else's. I believe that you can never appreciate the joy of sunshine without experiencing the thrill of a storm. But most importantly, I believe in myself...

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